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Gripe water is a traditional homeopathic remedy that originated from Europe and has been around for several centuries. Customarily used to symptomatically relieve the discomfort caused by colic, gas, teething pain, hiccups, stomach cramps, and other minor gastric ailments in babies, it can also be used by adults in larger doses to treat similar intestinal complaints.  

It’s a real good thing that someone from work told me all about gripe water. Within fifteen minutes, little Warren was smiling just as sweetly as gripe water. Of course, I now know as well that gripe water will not totally cause the colic to go away, but it is definitely a great way to stop my little Warren’s howls from building up. Now, I never leave home without it! 

And with gripe water’s all natural blend of pure natural oils and extracts, I can rest assured that little Warren is not facing a risk of having side effects. In fact, for all the benefits that little Warren can get from gripe water, without the danger of negative reactions to drugs, there is nothing else like it! 

I ordered just one bottle from this site online, not sure if it will live up to the very positive feedback from my colleague Lydia, the friend form work I told you about, the who recommended gripe water for my little Warren. Now that I have seen exactly how effective it is, I am definitely purchasing this Godsend in bulk. And yes, whenever I meet other frazzled moms who just can’t seem to put a hold on their colicky babies, I recommend gripe water and praise it to high heavens! 
What can I say, gripe water is a miracle potion!” 
Augustine D.
Seattle, Washington 

“Hi! I am here to share my thoughts on and experiences with gripe water, which I think is simply marvelous, in a nutshell! 

I am a pediatrician, with an extensive and, without meaning to brag, successful private practice dating back to the early eighties. In my 25 years or so of private practice, I have been exposed to a myriad of diseases, illnesses and ailments in the pediatric age group, as well as a milieu of therapies, treatments, medications and remedies to address these. Admittedly, my approach to both the diagnosis and the management of diseases, particularly those occurring in neonates, infants and older children, is biased towards the Western approach, simply because I have been schooled and trained in Western medicine. Hence, with this introduction, you would most probably be wondering as to why I began this testimonial raving about gripe water. Let me get to that now. 
I am also a grandmother—and, allow me to stress, a young one at that!  With 7 adorable grandchildren, I have had the privilege of being able to go through parenting babies for the second time around. Well, not totally, of course. But because my own 3 children have allowed me the pleasure of taking an active part in the care of their own children, I have again been able to experience the joys of looking after babies. Naturally, with the delightful times came the dreadful times, too! 

For some reason, 5 of my 7 wonderful grandchildren were colicky infants during their first three months of life. Believe me, even as a grandmother with a considerable background on the care of children, I was never able to take my grandchildren crying and suffering from gastrointestinal upsets very well.  

For a long time, I had already been hearing some very good raves about gripe water as a remedy for infantile colic. But, as I previously mentioned, being biased towards Western medicine, I never really considered using it on my own grandchildren. At least, not until one of my daughters brought a bottle home. Within minutes of dropping some gripe water into a distressed grandchild’s mouth, the child calmed down and was back to being all cheery in a few minutes! I have never seen any Western remedy act this fast! 

Since then, I have been recommending gripe water for my colicky patients as an adjunct in the management of infantile colic!” 
Pearl Culling, MD
Norwalk, Alabama 

“If colic is every mom’s living nightmare, then gripe water would have to be every mother’s dream come true! I swear, without gripe water to soothe my month-old Diane’s gas problems, I would be an exhausted wreck of a woman by now! It only takes a few drops to ease Diane’s colic, and only a few measly minutes to make her, and everyone else, happy! 

What’s more, gripe water does not have any side effects at all! I have been using it on Diane for about a week now, and there have been no negative spin-offs so far. And because gripe water is all natural, I feel very complacent about giving gripe water to my baby. As a big advocate of breastfeeding, I am also glad that gripe water does not affect my breast milk! What’s more, it’s helped to make Diane poop more regularly, which I know for a fact is a very good thing. And it tastes good too, and I should know because I have tried it on myself and it did work to relieve my upset tummy! 

And it does not just work on gassy stomachs, it stops the hiccups too! Everyone knows how cumbersome hiccups can be, and just a few dribbles of gripe water can make the hiccups go away!  Obviously, I am a big fan of gripe water! And with good reason, too! I highly recommend gripe water to any mother, well, anyone for that matter, to fight colic and all those other tummy problems away!” 
Marie R.
Cincinnati, OH

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